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Here you can discover the Living Worlds of Spirit,
from the Faerie Realms to the Angelic Kingdoms;
the ancestral places within the deep Earth
and the high regions of the Summer Stars;
meditations, rituals, sacred places,
the many faces of the Divine Feminine,
and the Grail of your own soul.
The Sacred Celtic Sites
2015 Wall Calendar

with text by Mara Freeman, will take you on a magical journey to the most hallowed places on the Celtic landscape

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Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the
Celtic Mystery Tradition

Grail Alchemy offers a spiritual path grounded in the esoteric traditions of Britain, which are the Mysteries of the Goddess, the Grail and the Sword. It draws readers into this hidden world through a rich retelling of myth, history and poetry, drawn from British folk traditions and medieval Grail romances, as well as touching on Alchemy and the teachings of later Glastonbury visionaries. Readers will discover a way to connect deeply with the wisdom and power of an ancient path of healing and transformation.

"Anything that Mara Freeman writes creates a unique kind of magic, based on her own enchanting mixture of knowledge of medieval literatures and the modern esoteric tradition, personal experience and talent as a bard, and understanding of human nature."
Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, Bristol University, author of Pagan Britain and The Triumph of the Moon.

Grail Alchemy Meditations: FREE album of the
Vision Journeys in the book!

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In her book, renowned Celtic authority and gifted storyteller Mara Freeman shares the richness of the Celts - the festivals, gods and goddesses, saints, faeries, music, poetry and storytelling that anchor this magical tradition. Lovers of all things Celtic will discover stories, rituals, recipes and crafts for every month of the year.

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The Avalon Mystery School - a training program in the Arts of Sacred Magic from the Celtic and British Mystery Tradition, directed by Mara Freeman.

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