Mara Freeman, M.A., is an internationally recognised British author and teacher of Celtic wisdom and the Western Mystery Tradition, which she has taught for over thirty years. She is an initiate of the Western Mysteries and has also been very active in modern druid organisations. Her first book, Kindling the Celtic Spirit, (Harper SanFrancisco, 2001) has been hailed as the best modern introduction to Celtic spirituality and sacred traditions. Her most recent book, Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition (Inner Traditions, 2014) has been called " a Celtic literary temenos of our time, a sacred space, in which to further explore one's own inner journey and transformation."

While living in California for 28 years, Mara taught at many universities and learning centers, including Omega Institute, NY, Naropa University, CO, and the University of California in Santa Cruz. She now lives in West Wales and leads retreats and pilgrimages in the Celtic countries. In 2005, Mara founded the Avalon Mystery School, a three-year home study program in the Arts of Sacred Magic. A qualified psychologist and astrologer, Mara also offers personal consultations in the Celtic tradition of Anamcara, or soul-guidance work.
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