In Avalonian magic, the inner realms of Light reveal themselves through specific patterns of symbols which encode a numinous matrix. Through focused visualization these symbols can be configured and activated within the human mind-body to enable us to communicate across the planes.
This attunement aligns you with the energies of the three Hallows of Logres: the Stone, the Grail and the Star. This exercise is simple but has profound effects. It can open you to the powerful stream of spiritual energy and influences that flow through the roots, trunk, and crown of the World Tree.

Relax, ground and center. Focus on the sacred land beneath your feet. Within the center of the Earth become aware of a Stone. This is the Living Rock, the foundation stone within the sacred land. How big is it? What color is it? Is there anything unusual about it? Feel the profound mystery and potent strength of it.

Next, focus on your heart center. Be aware of a Chalice of exquisite beauty in this place. Again, notice all features of this Chalice and feel its presence in your heart as an open vessel upturned to receive spiritual influence.

Now, send your consciousness far above your head into the vast heights of space. Let your focus come to settle on a bright Star at its apparent center.

On the next breath you take, see a great shining beam of light pour down from the Star. It fills the Chalice at your heart and flows down into your feet. As it pours into the Earth, the Stone begins to glow.

You have activated the Three Hallows of Logres within your body of light. You are attuned and connected with the Sacred Land and the stars, and so may begin to receive their influences and work in concert with their Guardians.
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