"I want to let you know that the reading you gave my daughter two years ago - everything you told her about her life was 100% accurate - everything! – She called you when she was between jobs – you told her she was going to go to graduate school – she has just graduated from college and chosen exactly the kind of career you said she would. . . " M.D., DC

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Mara Freeman explains . . .

When I give a reading it's like standing on a hill looking down on the landscape of your life. From where I stand, I can see the pattern of your present lifetime, and often your past ones too. It's what I call, "Seeing the big picture," which is so difficult to do for ourselves in normal waking consciousness, focused as we usually are on our immediate environment and concerns. It's like the old proverb about not being able to see the forest for the trees!
A Soul-Centered Approach

The readings I specialize in are "soul-centered." This means that, when I look at your life, relationships, work, family and everything that's important to you, I see this from a higher perspective: one which shows the spiritual pattern behind what's going on for you, whether easy or challenging. From this perspective, I can help you understand what's going on, and suggest ways for you to successfully negotiate the obstacles in your path, make necessary changes or find the road that will get you where you want to go.


I bring over 35 years of experience to your reading - yet each reading is uniquely tailored to the individual according to their concerns. Before we speak, I prepare a set of extensive astrological charts, both for when you were born (known as your natal chart) and also ones that show the planetary configurations affecting your life in the present and the future. Yet when we connect by phone, a wonderful synergy occurs: I am aware of the presence of my inner guides giving their input as to how the session should proceed - and yours also. This "inner council" will guide me where to begin: sometimes it is with the astrology, sometimes I'm guided to read you clairvoyantly; or use the tarot cards (another method I've used for over 35 years.)

Spirit Guidance

Quite often, a particular guide will come forth who has been waiting for an opportunity to tell you some important information, and will proceed to do so through me. Who are these guides? Well, we all have a number of invisible beings that support us on our soul's journey. A helping guide may be someone you were close to in this lifetime who passed over, a more distant ancestor from your family line, or someone else you were closely involved with in a past life. Sometimes, however, you can have a guide who was never in a human body, such as a member of the angelic kingdom, or even one of the faery race. Quite often they've been waiting a very long time to get through, and are very eager to have me pass on what they have to say.
The complete Life Reading is usually a synergistic blend of all these methods. However, if required, an Anamcara reading can focus on one particular area of your life, such as:

Solving present problems or crises;
Getting clear on your future path;
Understanding your past lives;
Learning how to connect and work with your spirit guides;

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is often a natural outgrowth of an Anamcara reading. An understanding of the causes of recurrent problems in your life can be the first step towards clearing them out of your way. I work with a variety of issues using a number of therapeutic tools from my extensive training and experience, including a Masters Degree in Psychology and many years in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist. Particularly helpful is transpersonal hypnotherapy, a spiritually-oriented approach that helps you bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the heart of the problem, where I facilitate you in making positive and long-lasting changes.

Relationship Readings

Before we incarnate into our present lifetime, we will have made several "relationship contracts" with a number of people. We make relationship contracts with our parents, siblings, close friends, lovers, and children. We have chosen each other in order to fulfil certain commitments that may have been promised in a past life; and we have certainly chosen each other in order to both learn and teach vital lessons for the evolution of the soul. Usually, the greater the lesson to be learned, the more intense the relationship. An Anamcara Relationship Reading is immensely valuable for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives. Whether you're in a new relationship or an old, in love or in conflict, at peace or at war, seeing the "big picture" can give you new understandings and insights into each other, and open up pathways to more satisfying relationships.

Baby and Child Readings

Reading the life-path for a newborn baby or older child is utterly fascinating! When a soul steps over the threshold into a new life, the stars in the heavens shine forth, displaying a roadmap or blue-print of the journey ahead, with all the joys, sorrows, times of ease and times of challenge that are to come. Most importantly, a child's astrological chart enables the parents to more fully understand the unique little individual who has come into their lives, so that they can nurture, support and encourage him or her in the most appropriate way. Adding the psychic element to a child's reading can bring to light significant factors from past lives that have a bearing on the child's life today. An added option is to look at the child's birth-chart in relation to those of the parents', which can reveal potential family dynamics and suggest ways to cultivate a happy family life.

An Anamcara Child Reading makes a wonderful gift for the parents of a new baby. this option includes a written report and astrology chart in an attractive presentation folder.

Choosing a Date and Time for an Important Event

Years of experience have taught me the importance of choosing the date and time for any significant new endeavour with utmost care if you want it to succeed! This is known as "Electional Astrology," an ancient and venerable art dating back thousands of years. Whether it's a new business or a wedding day, you are giving birth to something new in your life. So you want to make sure your new "baby" has the best birth-chart possible to bring it into this world!
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