There are two ways to do these courses: mentored or non-mentored. Working under the guidance of an experienced mentor is the traditional and preferred way of training in the magical arts. For each lesson, the student is expected to read the required material, practice regular meditations and exercises, keep a magical journal, and send in a report by email, which will be reviewed and given a response by a personal tutor by phone or email. The tutor will be the Director of Studies, Mara Freeman, or a senior tutor. You will receive the MP3 files of the VisionJourney meditations and on graduation, receive a special pendant and certificate of completion. If you complete all three courses, you will be eligible for initiation into the Avalon Mystery School.

In the non-mentored option, you will receive the course materials, including the meditations as MP3 files, but with no mentoring. This option does not offer graduation; It exists simply to make the course accessible at a lower price. Switching from the non-mentored to mentored option is permissible if requested before the third lesson.

If you are ready to enroll, please answer the following 10 questions which are designed to let us know a bit about who you are. There are NO right or wrong answers – we just want to get acquainted! (If you are doing the non-mentored option, you can skip this step.)

1) Send your response via email to If you have a photograph of yourself, send it as an email attachment: All information will be treated in strictest confidence.

2) Please indicate in your email whether you wish to take The Avalon Course in Sacred Magic or A Course in Sacred Earth Magic.

3) Go to fees and payment options and make your payment.

AMS Course in the Sacred Magical Arts
Registration Form

1. Full name, address, email and phone number.

2. Date, place of birth, and time (if known).

3. Educational background and any degrees or qualifications you may have.

4. Current job, profession, or primary daily activity.

5. A brief description of your religious upbringing and attitude towards religion now.

6. Whether you have taken any other magical or spiritual course of study, with details.

7. What reading have you done in esoteric / magical subjects? List a few titles, if any.

8. Do you regularly use consciousness-altering substances? If so, give details.

9. Have you ever suffered or do you suffer now, from any form of mental illness?

10. What are your reasons for wanting to enroll in the Avalon Mystery School?
10. Please write one or two paragraphs on this.