A selection of testimonials from participants of
Avalon Mystery School courses, workshops, and classes.

I can honestly say this course has enhanced every aspect of my being. I feel far more connected to the source of spirituality in my life, a depth that I have sought but not found till now. A. N., London, UK.

I am totally loving the Avalon study course. You have admirably and intriguingly brought together the many branches of this particular tradition, which are often not presented together. I'm thrilled with the broad range of information in the lessons, and the pages are beautifully designed. The photos evoke the spirit of what we're after. All in all, it is a marvelous experience. I adore the word derivations, too, as I am a lover of language. One feels the real process of loving instruction in process, even though this is by correspondence. T.R., Atlanta, GA

As always your lesson material is so beautiful and so memorable and its imagery and content lead one on in ‘leaps and bounds’ so that one becomes more and more a part of this fundamentally inspiring picture. To this end the body and mind training and the magical arts continue to be a source of inspiration. VC, Cumbria, UK.

The sum of Mara’s many years of study and experience is offered in a well written, illustrated, and definitive correspondence course, with accompanying CDs providing a deep meditative audio experience. Each lesson takes me to a deeper level of the Mysteries of Britain, covering the realm of the Faeries, the spirits of trees and animals, the ancient deities, heroines and heroes, the Arthurian mythos, the lore of the Grail, the role of the Druids, priests and priestesses, and so much more. This course provides a well detailed map for those who are drawn to travel the realms of mystery and meet the magical beings who exist there. The journey through this course has been a profoundly transforming experience for me. I have become more in touch with my own inner realms, as well achieving as a deeper understanding of the world around me. I have learned to "walk between the worlds" in amazing vision journeys and meditations. I have also experienced an enhancement of creative, visionary, psychic, and healing abilities as a result of these contacts. S M-B, Oakland, CA

I feel blessed that you have come into my life as a teacher and mentor. Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you have done for those of us who are interested in exploring Celtic Spirituality and the Western Magic tradition. The material you provide with each
lesson is stimulating, organized, and so well written. From the first workshop I attended where you facilitated, I knew I found the path I wanted to take and was so thankful to find such a knowledgeable and authentic teacher. L. McB., Stowe, VT

Just wanted you to know that the VisionJourney CD arrived just fine on Saturday afternoon. After a week of practicing/remembering basic techniques of energy building and manipulation, I did the the "Journey to the Shores of Avalon" pathworking for the first time yesterday. All I can say is "WOW!" While all this will be in my report at the end of the month, suffice it to say that I didn't expect to feel the meditation in a visceral sense as deeply as I did.

At least, not on the first time through. I don't mean this in a negative way, just in a surprised and humble one. What an experience...and one I'm still remembering and taking notes from even though I did so right after coming back to ordinary consciousness!
By the way, it was lovely to hear your beautiful, lyrical voice. K.R., Show Low, AZ.

I am LOVING this! Mara, the similarities between Long House and traditional Cherokee beliefs and the Celts, is glorious!!!! Am reading the books I ordered first. Received the beautiful CD yesterday. Life is good! B.E., Merlin, Or.

You lit the Celtic chalice of this land with your presence, grace and magic. Several of us, myself included experienced amazing healing journeys and I thank you deeply for bringing this service into the world. M.J., Boulder, CO

The classes were so well organized and so fascinating in content. I simply cannot pinpoint one area that was the most enjoyable as everything that was presented had a deep meaning and produced deep healing. The sacred history of the ancestors, the beauty, scents and vibrational sounds of the rituals, visualizing journeys thru other worlds, telling about our journeys thru our drawings, dancing in the sacred grove, planting healing seeds of peace with each careful step...all are profoundly healing and empowering… You have given a solid foundation on which to build as each lesson thoughtfully leads forward. I have waited years for your lessons... Thank you for sharing your wisdom of many years, it is a treasured gift that will resonate in memory forever... the journey is amazing!!! J. A., Hayward, CA

What a magical, life-changing experience - thank you, thank you, thank you!
J. P., Murray, UT

I have attended Mara's Avalon Mystery School training both in person and via correspondance. Mara is an eloquent and articulate speaker and expert guide on journeys between the worlds. Her recorded meditations and journey work are some of the best I have encountered. The space she holds for vision journeys, meditation, and magical workings, is grounded and structured, providing the perfect platform for deep inner work. I was initiated into the celtic 'godess' traditions at an early age, then abandoned them for other pursuits. Mara has brought my journey full circle, providing me with a path for coming home to myself. M. McN, San Francisco, CA

I so much appreciate working with you--clarity, insight, experience, extensive background in the texts and other materials! E.A., Santa Fe, NM.

The lessons are so rich and so accessible – like manna in the desert to me compared to other things I’ve one – even wonderful things! It’s like coming home. J.L., PA

I am so grateful for all the work you are doing and sharing it with us. It has made a powerful difference in my life. P.C., Weathersfield, CT

I give thanks for the seeds that were planted in me by my ancestors, that have led me to this path and I give thanks for the roots that connect me to the earth and its natural magic and healing power. K.R., Calgary, Alberta, CA

Thank you for your guidance and insights along the way. This course has opened me up in ways I never thought possible. C.W., Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for being such a gift from the Universe! I am grateful that I was guided to take your courses and able to work with you. A.C., Nashville, TN

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