1. Light a candle, sit before it, preferably in a straight-backed chair with both feet firmly on the ground, and breathe in a steady pattern to calm the mind.

2. Imagine that you are sending down into the earth a long tap root, like a tree. Send your root down to the center of the earth, and make a connection with Brigid as the Mother. Feel the root anchoring you to the planet; this is your home – affirm that you have a right to be here, to be nurtured and to thrive.

3. When you feel well and truly anchored, imagine that the earth’s energy is flowing up through your root into your body. Visualize it as a fresh silvery-green color, and really feel it rise through your feet, your legs, your trunk, and up to your solar plexus. Any unwanted energy or tension can be allowed to flow back down your root into the earth.

4. Now see a radiant golden globe of light a few feet above your head. This is the shining presence of Brigid as the eternal flame.

5. See and feel the light pour over you like a golden mantle of light. Be aware of it going all the way down your body to the base of your spine. See it here as a warm glowing fire of red coals. Feel the bowl of your pelvis like a cauldron, warmed by this fire.

6. Now bring Brigid’s Fire up into your solar plexus as a globe of strong radiant yellow light like a sun. It shines light throughout your body and auric field and out into the world.

7. Now bring Brigid’s Fire into your head. Let your head fill with a white light that cleanses and purifies your mind.

Recite the Connemara prayer:

Bríghid Mary of the Gael,
Bríghid, spread your mantle over me
and keep your protection about me.

8. Now that you are surrounded by Brigit’s mantle, invoke her blessing on whatever it is you dream of creating in this new cycle of growth and becoming. Especially at this time, pray to Brigit for a peaceful solution to conflict with the Middle East, wise leadership to replace warmongering heads of state, and a return to the principles of liberty and justice for all, throughout the world.

9. You are now warmed, protected, cleansed and renewed by Brigid’s Fire. Affirm to yourself that you will always have:
A fire in your hearth,
A glow in your heart,
And the blessing of the One Light that unites us all.

10. Open your eyes and come back to the room.

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