Glastonbury Tor with the tower of St Michael
Each of the Archangels has the power of seven rays which they infuse into all life processes within every realm of being. When transmitted into our world, these light radiations are experienced as specific qualities and principles. These energies do not operate separately, but are continually merging and changing, like interweaving strands of light and color. According to visionary and seer, Wellesley Tudor Pole, who lived at Little St Michaels below Glastonbury Tor, which is dedicated to the Archangel, this is being facilitated by the Archangel Michael, whom he called "Preparer of the Way".

Writing in the early 1960s, Tudor Pole believed our Earth is ready to receive the blended ray of Love and Wisdom, which he defines as “the child of the union between cosmic and primeval Divine wisdom, and the equally potent power of eternal and all-embracing love.” This process is being facilitated by the Inner Plane Adepti, who are “engaged in harmonizing all that is best in the wisdom teaching that has already been given to the world in the past through the Masters and Prophets who have descended into our human midst.” It's easy to see in our world today the deep need for this spiritual influence. We have developed enormous knowledge of technologies that benefit us materially, but we have failed to develop emotional and spiritual maturity. The blessings of the modern world benefit only a privileged few, while huge amounts of money and human talent are funneled into the technology of war and the destruction of the Earth. The Blended Ray balances the intellect with the heart, for when knowledge is guided by love then it is transformed into wisdom.

Archangel Michael, with the help of his angelic host, is acting as ‘transformer-in-chief’ of the energies of this ray, which is beginning to filter into human consciousness to cleanse our planet and regenerate humanity. Tudor Pole writes of the effects of this ray:

The Blended Ray will undoubtedly possess a cleansing and harmonizing influence within human consciousness and it will bring with it a new vista of revelation for mankind. The cleansing process may prove drastic and testing but its effect will certainly not be harmful or depressive. It is true that the responsibilities of those who act as leaders in every field of human activity will be greater and more far-reaching than at any other previous period in the evolution of the race. Nevertheless, . . . revelation is an interior and personal experience and as a consequence each individual should look for spiritual guidance from within rather than from without.

Tudor Pole believed the Blended Ray was already approaching the fringes of human consciousness and that “already many among us are beginning to feel its inspiring, revitalizing and cleansing influence.” Looking back at the outpouring of creative and spiritual energies that bubbled up into the Western world during the sixties, his words certainly seem to have been fired by the spirit of prophesy. Through Archangel Michael, Tudor Pole believed the Blended Ray would prepare the way for "the One or Those who were destined under Divine grace to lead us into the light of the new age and the new dispensation." We shall be exploring how to invoke the influence of the Blended Ray in Lesson Four.

Preparer of the Way

Sitting one night in Little St. Michael in the Chalice Well gardens, Tudor Pole received a vision about the history of Glastonbury Tor. He was shown that it had existed long ago, even before the days of Atlantis. He wrote:

…this mount was already a cosmic center in pre-Atlantean days. There are certain places around our planet which owe their formation and destiny to heavenly influences and this is one of them. This means that they still possess a direct link with the energies emanating from the Archangelic Hierarchy, and in the case of the Avalon Tor, with Michael in particular.

The ‘markings’ on the ground of a giant Zodiac around Avalon – a symbolic replica of planetary constellations – now remain the only external link with celestial Agencies. Within a thousand years or so of man emerging from the animal state and becoming a human individual, the Tor became one of the many global centers where the worship of the Sun, representing its spiritual origin, Light, was practised, Light being the source of all manifestation of life and being.

After the Fall of Atlantis, brought about by the misuse of technology for the making of abominable weapons of destruction, only the hidden seed of the cosmic energies surrounding the Tor survived. But in time, more evolved beings incarnated on Earth and took key positions in the burgeoning Druid religion:

The time had now come when, if life on this earth was to be preserved, Initiates from celestial realms were obliged to descend into incarnation; and in due course their leavening presence helped to prevent this planet from becoming a lifeless moon before its time. One or more of these Initiates took bodily form within the ranks of the Druidic "priesthood", and sacred centers such as our Tor began to be relighted. Preparations were made for the reception of a "Saviour", who would embody the Christos principle on earth. The Tor became an observatory, a center for the study of the stellar spheres, a place where rituals and rites converged upon the conception of Oneness throughout the Universe, seen and unseen.

This had the effect of ‘leavening’ human consciousness to the point of creating the right conditions for the coming of Joseph of Arimathea with the Holy Grail and the founding of the First Church at Glastonbury. Most importantly for us, two millennia later, a new influx of celestial power is about to be poured out through the portal of the Tor:

Following nearly 2,000 years of the era known as ‘Christendom’, the time is now come when such centers as the Michael Tor and Chalice Well will emerge into the daylight once more and thereby fulfill a destiny prescribed for them from the birth of time, and to the Glory of God.

Along with other mystics of his time, Tudor Pole believed that the Archangel Michael has been charged with accelerating humanity’s spiritual evolution. He considered that “…we are now entering a new chapter in human history: and that it is the Archangel Michael whose turn it is to be associated with our planet and with all forms of life upon it.”

Michael’s mission is to reverse this disastrous trend before it leads to our own destruction and that of the whole web of life. He is charged with leading us away from our narrowly materialistic worldview to an awareness of the spiritual, the path of evolution. Yet he is not here to lead us away from the physical plane. Michael comes to enable the esoteric sun to shine forth once more under his radiant guidance; to expand our consciousness so that we may embrace Heaven on Earth – in other words, recreate Avalon in our own world.

Michael has traditionally had a special concern for humanity. In the apocryphal Apocalypse of Paul, he says:

I am he that stands in the presence of God always. As the Lord liveth, before whose face I stand, I cease not for one day nor one night to pray continually for the race of men, and I indeed pray for them that are upon earth. I say that if any man doeth even but a little good I will strive for him and protect him...

Aware of Michael’s recent appointment to Earth, Tudor Pole gave him a special name: ‘Preparer of the Way,’ in the belief that Michael is acting as herald and forerunner to the new Christos principle, who will descend to Earth in the coming age. This means that Michael is a regent for the Solar Logos, the Spiritual Sun of our solar system. From time to time, there incarnates on Earth a human being who embodies the energy of the Solar Logos. Jesus of Nazareth was one such, as was Lao Tzu and Gautama Buddha. Avatars such as these come solely to transmit the wisdom and love that will awaken us to our true nature. But, as Tudor Pole was wise enough to point out, the Christos principle is not merely the special province of masters and initiates. It can manifest through each one of us to the extent that we are able to become dedicated channels for that purpose, and eventually will be realized within an evolved humanity. For too long humankind has looked for answers from charismatic leaders of both spiritual and worldly government. The last one hundred years alone are full of examples of the disastrous results that occur when people abdicate their own sense of responsibility, discrimination and personal power by projecting god-like qualities onto an outer teacher or leader. Our current task as a species is to evolve from the child-like search for parent-figures, and to turn our attention instead to developing our own inner spiritual resources.

As to how Michael works to quicken our spiritual evolution, Tudor Pole presents a clear analogy:

He is the chief engineer in charge of the sluice gates which control and regulate the release of the “Waters of the Spirit” into our midst. The reservoirs behind these gates contain infinite supplies, capable of serving human needs far into the future. Use here could be made of an analogy. Man employs the movement and the pressure of water in order to generate electricity. Michael and his co-workers use a similar process for converting the “Waters of the Spirit” into rays and radiations. The latter are stepped down to a point where they can enter safely into the minds and the lives of all forms of sentient and non-sentient life on earth.

This is not, however, always an easy or comfortable experience for us, the human recipients of such powerful new energies: The first effect of a speeding up of these processes is to shake the earth to its foundations, in the form of wars, tribulations, racial disturbances and seismic upheavals. It is true that our world has never been free from these conditions, but when they become so widespread as they are now, we can know that the end of an Age and the birth of a new one are on our doorstep.

In the 21st century, we are all too aware of the increased number of earth-shaking disasters which have recently beset our planet, not only in the shape of warfare and terrorism, but also weather-related catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes. Many of these are the result, directly or indirectly, of human actions. Michael does not come to punish us with fiery wrath but with the results of our own folly and ignorance. We are receiving a wake-up call in proportion to the amount of resistance we put up against the necessary changes that must take place within us, individually and collectively. Rather like the card known as the Tower in the Tarot deck, which shows a man and a woman falling headlong from a tower whose top has been struck by lightning, the more we build up a hubristic edifice of the ego with which to defend ourselves from the truth, the more painful the process of transformation. It has been said that we live in an ‘apocalyptic’ age, but the original meaning of this word is ‘to remove the veil’ in order that we might become aware of the underlying spiritual reality.

Those willing consciously to serve the Light will find Michael’s guidance and tutelage an unsurpassed source of support and empowerment, for then awakening becomes a endeavor of cooperation with the divine Will. Then Michael’s fire kindles the evolutionary spark as a forest fire kindles the process of germination in certain seeds that would otherwise lie dormant. For all the illumination and knowledge needed for the next stage of evolution is already embedded within human consciousness. The new wave of energy Michael transmits will not be the ‘magic bullet’ that adds something not already present, for enlightenment abides, at least in embryonic form, within each one of us. Michael has come to awaken that which already lies asleep in the secret sanctuary of the soul.

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