Sit quietly and close your eyes. Relax and let your breathing become slower and more even.

In your mind’s eye, see yourself as a great Tree, preferably a sturdy one like an Oak.

Feel your roots going down into the ground, anchoring you to the earth. (This even works in a plane!)

See those roots spreading out through the earth, broadening your sense of a solid foundation.

When you feel your mind calming down and your breathing more regular, slowly bring your focus of attention up from the roots, into the trunk and into the branches.

See above you a night sky full of stars.

Enjoy the beauty of the twinkling constellations for a few moments. See if you can recognize any familiar patterns.

Now see one star in particular right above your head, bigger and brighter than the rest. This is your Soul Star. It is your original home, where you came from before you incarnated on Earth and where you will return after you leave your body behind at death.

But that’s not all….this is actually where your essential Self resides at all times. You are at home right now. Float your awareness into the Star and look down at yourself and your surroundings on earth. You can be here or there, at home or abroad, in a pleasant place or unpleasant. But your ground of Being is always unchanging, peaceful, serene and safe.

Stay in this place for a while. If you are doing this exercise in a quiet setting, you may also be aware of Higher Beings around you and may want to spend some time in meditation with them.

To close, it’s fine to stay in that state of awareness, but you must also now affirm your connection with the earth, so from the Soul Star’s perspective, look down at the branches of the Tree, and then its trunk and roots still deep and solid in the Earth. Be aware that your body is comfortable settled on this lower level, like a warm, contented animal. Then gently open your eyes.
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